Monday, June 18, 2007

Official SIFF 2007 - And the winners are...!

(As voted on by the audience...)

Best Director
Daniel Waters - Sex & Death 101 (USA)
Eytan Fox - The Bubble (Israel)
Frank Oz - Death at a Funeral (UK/USA)
Olivier Dahan - La vie en Rose (France)
John Jeffcoat - Outsourced (USA)

Best Actor
Daniel Brühl - Salvador (Spain)
Hugh Dancy - Evening (USA)
François Cluzet - Tell No One (France)
Mads Mikkelson - Prague (Denmark)
Simon Baker - Sex & Death 101 (USA)

Best Actress
Marion Cotillard - La vie en Rose
Jordis Triebel - Emma's Bliss (Germany)
Hannah Herzprung - Four Minutes (Germany)
Claire Danes - Evening (USA)
Parker Posey - Broken English (USA)

Best Film
Outsourced, directed by John Jeffcoat
Vitus, directed by Fredi Murer (Switzerland)
La vie en Rose, directed by Olivier Dahan (France)
The Bubble, directed by Eytan Fox (Israel)
Sex & Death 101, directed by Daniel Waters (USA)

Best Documentary
For the Bible Tells Me So, directed by Daniel Karslake
King of Kong, directed by Seth Gordon (USA)
In the Shadow of the Moon, directed by David Sington (UK)
The Devil Came on Horseback, directed by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern (USA)
Doubletime, directed by Stephanie Johnes (USA)

Best Short Film
Pierre, directed by Dan Brown
Fortune Hunters, directed by Thom Harp (USA)
High Maintenance, directed by Phillip Van (USA/Germany)
Tommy the Kid, directed by Stuart Klegg (Australia)
The Job, directed by Jonathan Browning (USA)

Lena Sharpe Award: Annie Sundberg & Ricki Stern, The Devil Came on Horseback (USA)


New Director Award
Grand Jury Prize - Sons, Directed by Eric Richter Strand (Norway)
Special Jury Prize to actress Valerie Donzelli for her performance in the film 7 Years
directed by Jean-Pascal Hattu (France)

New American Cinema Award
Grand Jury Prize - Shotgun Stories, written & directed by Jeff Nichols
Special Jury Prize: Lovely By Surprise, directed by Kirt Gunn

Best Documentary
Grand Jury Prize - Out of Time, directed by Harald Friedl (Austria)
Special Jury Prize: Angels in the Dust, directed by Louise Hogarth (USA)

Short Film Awards
Narrative Short

Grand Jury Prize - Wigald, directed by Timon Modersohn (Germany)
Special Jury Award: Looks Sharp, directed by Amy Gebhardt (Australia)
Special Jury Prize: Pick Up, directed by Manuel Schapira (France)

Animated Short
Grand Jury Prize - Everything Will Be Ok, directed by Don Hertzfeldt (USA)
Honorable Mention: The Girl Who Swallowed Bees, directed by Paul McDermott (Australia)

Documentary Short
Grand Jury Prize - Chocolate Country, directed by Robin Blotnick (Dominican Republic/USA)
Special Jury Prize: Freeheld, directed by Cynthia Wade (USA)

Heineken Red Star Award - Kyrill Mikhanovsky, Fish Dreams (Brazil)

FutureWave Awards
WaveMaker Award for Excellence in Youth Filmmaking

Jewmacian, directed by Melinda Tenenzapf
FutureWave Audience Award
Laundry, directed by Darrow Stettes, Allex Bullard and Hanna Overman

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