Tuesday, April 24, 2007

HotDocs #6: No docs

I regret to inform you that, due to professional demands (i.e., work at the office), I was unable to see any films today. At all. This makes me very sad. Unfortunately, I didn't get home from the office until 7:30pm today, which was just too late an hour for me to turn around and head back out for a screening. So, I did not see Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, the film about American soldiers and their practices at the notorious military prison, and I did not see Wings of Defeat, the doc about Japanese kamikaze pilots during WWII...which features rare interviews with some pilots who actually survived their missions. I was scheduled to see both, but didn't. I apologize.

And, from the looks of things, I'll only be able to see one film tomorrow and one on Thursday. There's more work to be done at the office than I'd figured, and what was to be two half-days of work is turning into 2 1/2 full days. Thankfully, there's still five days of docs left after today, so I'll be able to cram some more films in on Friday and the weekend. Hooray!


Matt said...

So that definitely wasn't you in USA vs. Al-Arian yesterday! From across the theatre, she looked like you, and as she stood up her special pass was clearly visible. (Those things are big enough to be clearly visible from space.) I didn't get a great look at her as I was trying to catch up, but enough to figure it wasn't you and I shouldn't make a fool out of myself.

I guess all you invited guests look the same... :)

Vickie said...

No, but it's funny it was at *that* movie, because I read about it and wanted to see it, but (as with so many films at TIFF) it just didn't fit.