Thursday, September 15, 2005

(A short commercial break from TIFF blogging)

Life imitates art! Or art imitates life?

Whatever it may be, in the last couple days, in my obsessive checking of the Moviepie page view stats, I noticed a curious spike in the page hits for a little American indie movie that played a couple years ago.

"Huh!" I thought... until I looked at the major breaking international news headlines splashed across the front pages of websites like CNN, MSNBC, and Yahoo!...

The movie? Britney, Baby, One More Time!.

So, congratulations the new mom Britney, and new dad (again, and again) Kevin! May you run off to your isolated mansion and never make another UPN reality TV series! Mwah!

(But even bigger congratulations to the cast and crew of this little indie film that most people have never heard of... you guys have hit keyword search gold!)

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